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Rookie Of The Year - The Goodnight Moon ADR-007

The 2006 release from Rookie Of The Year, originally on One Eleven Records. Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and 140 gram colored vinyl.

Includes bonus instant download of albums "The Most Beautiful" and "Along For The Ride."

Limited to 300 copies.

Now available.

Pressing Information

180 Gram Black - 50

Clear with White Smoke - 100

Blue/Black/White Swirl - 150


  1. The Goodnight Moon
  2. Poison Like Your Own
  3. Silhouettes
  4. Sign Of Her Glory
  5. Liars And Battlelines
  6. Pop Destroyed The Scene
  7. The Blue Roses
  8. Life Falls Fast Now
  9. Set The Sails, Red Beret
  10. The Weekend
  11. Enjoy This Drive
  12. Having To Let Go