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I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - Gold Rush ADR-002

Limited edition variant pressed on black 180 gram vinyl, limited to 50 copies, and includes handwritten lyrics. All other variants pressed on 140 gram colored vinyl. Instant digital download of full mp3 album at 320kbps included with each purchase.


  1. Gold Rush
  2. Lame Duck
  3. Connected
  4. Complications
  5. Had To Be There
  6. Don't Leave Me
  7. Misery
  8. Gods
  9. Train Stop

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Pressing Information

Limited Edition 180 Gram Black - 50 - Includes handwritten album lyrics.

Clear with Blue and Gold Splatter - 75

Maroon Marble - 100

Gold Rush Yellow - 125

Variant quantity numbers are not an exact indication of store availability as inventory is subject to change due to manufacturing and artist necessity.